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MMG Ocean Expands Manufacturing Facilities

In April 2024, MMG completed a significant expansion of its manufacturing facility, with the commissioning of new machinery.

The new space has increased the production area by over 30 per cent and has significantly increased production capacity, thanks to the improved lifting and handling capacity from the gantry crane facilities in the new factory bay.

MMG Ocean can now accommodate projects of significant scale. For example, the first project through the new bay is a large retractable crew transfer ladder and mounting/support structure for Causeway GeoTech’s new jack-up barge Causeway Giant II.  The new area and crane facilities allow MMG Ocean to complete this project with relative ease.

In addition to this expanded production facility, MMG Ocean has two acres of outside laydown storage and an assembly area.  And there is an additional 15 acres for future expansion.

Managing director of MMG Ocean, Martin McGuiness, said: “The new facilities have given us the capacity we need to expand into the design and manufacture of larger marine structures, and of course to continue the growth of our gangway systems to an ever-increasing customer base in aquaculture, fishing, and offshore wind.”