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MMG Ocean was founded on its work in the fishing industry, providing welding and maintenance for the local fleet.

From structural steelwork for hauls, decks, and RSW tanks to refrigeration gas piping and welding services, and the manufacture of fish handling stations for sorting and processing, MMG Ocean helps the industry take care of their vessels and the catch in the most efficient way possible.

Experienced in deck equipment fit outs, the team will install winches, cranes and other specialised machinery and, when it comes to engines, MMG Ocean takes care of both installation and maintenance.

With a 24-hour marine welding service and mobile support equipped with generators, cutting tools, and welding plants, MMG Ocean ensures that fishing vessels receive timely and reliable assistance, vital for the continuous demands of the industry.

Clients include:


Through the partnership with Ocean Kinetics, MMG Ocean has expanded its service offering to the aquaculture industry. The company now offers a range of aquaculture engineering design, fabrication, and installation services tailored to the sector, from gangways to fish handling and distribution systems.

Committed to sustainable practices, a recent project with Ocean Kinetics involved the development of a clean energy system for the aquaculture industry – electrify fish farm barges using renewable energy, cutting the use of diesel generators, reducing operating costs, and lowering carbon emissions.

Services include:

  • Structural steelwork
  • Vessel gangway design and fabrication
  • Refrigeration gas piping
  • Specialist welding/fabrication services
  • Fish handling and distribution systems • Vessel deck equipment fit outs
  • Engine installation and maintenance
  • 24-hour marine welding mobile support.

Clients include:

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