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Vision and Values



It’s a culture not a process.


With an eye for detail, we use our best to give the best.


Delivering trusted, expert solutions.

Skilful and friendly

Demonstrative versatility and a positive attitude.


To our people, to our clients and to our partners: To this day, to tomorrow and to the future.


Ingenuity matched with high technology.


Our People

Our People are our company, the best of the best: Highly skilled and motivated, with access to cutting edge design technology and equipment and world class supply chain partners.  They will inspire you.

Our Clients

We are a trusted supplier to global companies in Renewable Energy, Marine, Maritime, Fishing and Aquaculture: Our clients know that we have the design talent to develop prototypes, create solutions that get the job done and make a difference.  We will continue to offer faster and more flexible services.

Our Partners

We have high standards and offer a lean service: We will continue to support our partners by offering creative solutions that also help them develop and grow.

Our Community

We are part of a seafaring community, rich in family values and maritime heritage. And we are part of the Marine Cluster that is harnessing the economic opportunity in the Blue Economy. We will build a legacy in a vibrant Donegal, at the heart of new and growing marine sectors that will keep our traditional marine engineering skills alive, help to retain those talents, and contribute to the strength of this coastal and rural community.

Our Environment

As a responsible growing company serving global customers, we will look after the environment, maximising our resources while minimising waste, and our environmental footprint, and also working with customers to minimise their environmental impact.