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First Gangway Orders for the Offshore Wind Market

In March – April 2024 MMG Ocean won its first significant contracts for gangway systems in the offshore wind sector.

The first important contract is for the design and production of custom hydraulic and telescopic gangways for two Njord Offshore crew transfer vessels that will be operating in UK offshore wind.  These are the first two in a series of new vessels commissioned by Njord Offshore to service the growing opportunity in offshore wind.  The first commission, which will go into service in May 2024 is the Njord Amundsen.

In parallel with this exciting CTV gangway project, MMG Ocean is currently completing the production of a large retractable crew transfer ladder and mounting/support structure for Causeway GeoTech’s new jack-up barge Causeway Giant II.

The company has designed this structure to exacting marine standards, and on (imminent) completion of the build the crew transfer ladder will be fully FAT tested quayside at Killybegs harbour before shipment.

These combined wins in crew transfer to offshore wind installations and jack-up barges for carrying out preliminary works for future offshore wind installations represent a major breakthrough for MMG Ocean, in a sector that will form a large part of the company’s future.

Managing director of MMG Ocean, Martin McGuiness said: “These wins are very good news for MMG Ocean. We are establishing ourselves as market leaders of safety gangways for crew transfer as well as building business in innovative ORE design, prototyping and fabrication. These two projects are perfect examples of both our gangway design and the design – prototyping – fabrication of a ‘first-build’ retractable ladder structure for jack-up, to exacting marine safety standards.

“Our gangways are being favoured in this safety-conscious sector operating in unpredictable conditions, and in very wide tidal ranges. Based on the unique design features the gangway remains compliant in terms of gradient and step angles at all states of the tide.”