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Killybegs company’s new passenger gangway welcomes bigger cruise ships!

Bigger and More Frequent Arrivals:

Killybegs Witnesses an Increase in Cruise Ships in Recent Months. Sinbad Marine Services Ltd, a local company, has unveiled a new gangway to accommodate the growing number of passengers expected to visit the Donegal port in the coming years.

With the arrival of MV Norwegian Star, the longest cruise ship to dock in Killybegs, the company proudly introduced its new 18-meter gangway. This investment not only signifies their confidence in the future of cruise tourism in County Donegal but also ensures the accommodation of larger cruise vessels, often not designed for the tidal range of the Northwest coast of Ireland. Built and designed by MMG Ocean in Killybegs, and with support from the BIM Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme, this gangway is a testament to the region’s commitment to welcoming these impressive ships.

Sinbad Marine’s newly unveiled 18-meter gangway offers passengers and crew a convenient and safe pathway for disembarking, allowing them to explore Killybegs or embark on local tours. This extended gangway ensures a more gentle and accessible experience for all guests with its wheelchair-friendly surface and generous 1-meter width.

Julie Parkinson, Director of Sinbad Marine, emphasized the changing landscape of tourism in Killybegs, saying, ‘Traditionally, summer was a quiet season in Killybegs, but the influx of cruise ships has transformed the town into a bustling destination for visitors. Killybegs has now become the third most popular cruise port in the Republic of Ireland, with a growing appeal for local businesses and attractions. This new gangway not only enhances Killybegs’ standing as an attractive port for cruise ships but also makes it a viable choice for larger vessels. Our investment in top-notch facilities reflects Sinbad Marine’s dedication to supporting and fostering the growth of cruise tourism in Killybegs.’