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Clean Energy Storage for Aquaculture

MMG Ocean Killybegs, Ocean Kinetics Shetland, and StorTera Edinburgh have collaborated with Scottish Seafarms to develop a unique (patented) clean energy storage system that can ultimately result in the elimination of all diesel generator emissions from fish farms.

The research and development, and prototyping project, funded significantly by Scottish Seafarms, with support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise through Co-Innovate draws on clean energy generated from solar or wind and uses AI-based systems to transform single-phase supply to higher-powered three phase supply capable of delivering the power requirements for a fully stocked salmon farm.

Pilot operations have been successful on one large site with data clearly demonstrating the effective recharge of the unique battery systems, and the comfortable delivery of power during feed cycles (well within battery capacity).

This success will be validated on other sites (in Scotland and Ireland) to prove the concept, after which this innovate technology will be rolled out to the wider market.

The system is set to dramatically improve the carbon performance and environmental credentials of fish farm sites, as well as reducing operating costs, and eliminating the first risk often associated with batteries (these innovative batteries do not present any risk of thermal run-away).

The ultimate objective is to completely eliminate the use of diesel generators on aquaculture sites.