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Innovation has no end there is always more Ingenuity matched with high technology.

It’s a culture, not a process.

MMG Ocean has been built with a reputation for quality. Quality is the one aspect that we will never compromise on.

To our people, to our clients and to our partners.

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Our People

Our People are our company, the best of the best: Highly skilled and motivated, with access to cutting edge equipment and new technologies, they will inspire you.

Our Partners

We have high standards and offer a lean service: We will continue to support our partners by offering creative solutions that also help them develop and grow.

Our Environment

As a responsible global company, we will build a legacy and look after the environment, maximising resources and minimising waste.

Our Community

We are part of a maritime town, the largest fishing port in Ireland. We aim to build working capacity within the blue economy, to collaborate across all sectors and achieve sustainable economic growth from our ocean.

Our Clients

With an almost 20-year track record, MMG Ocean is a trusted vendor in Energy, Marine, Maritime, and Aquaculture sectors. Today, MMG Ocean partners with Ocean Kinetics, delivering sustainable engineering solutions in the marine and energy sectors.

MMG Oceans’ innovative and sustainable solutions with a broader range of services and expertise to clients locally and worldwide.

The company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients in the marine and energy sector, both locally and internationally. Thus, our mobile workshop is equipped with generators for 24-hour mobile support services. We make sure every step of the process is undertaken to the highest standard as depicted in MMG Ocean’s full ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation. The company’s partnership with Ocean Kinetics in Scotland strengthens its ability to provide a broader range of services and expertise to clients worldwide.

MMG Ocean’s services include:

Our expert team of engineers can work with you to design and build custom accessories to fit your unique needs and requirements including height, length, and placement. Whether you need a complete gangway system or individual accessories, MMG Ocean is your one-stop shop for all your marine access needs.

We cater to the needs of the following sectors:

Contact us today to learn more about our Marine Gangway System & Accessories and how we can help you enhance the functionality and safety of your gangway systems.

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